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Want to get to know me?

Purple. I got bored of Green.

Purple. I got bored of Green.

So angry right now..

My mum rings me all the time just to shout at me and have a go at me. She rang me earlier at 12pm and shouted until 2pm when I told her to finally fuck off because I’ve had ENOUGH of all of her crap.

Fair enough she’s done loads for me, alot more than any other parent would for their kid, she put a roof over mine and Dante’s head since he was born and supported us financially. Paid for my driving lessons, my test, my car and insurance, paid my rent for 2 months, my bond and all the furniture, and then my stepdad built it all and sorted the garden out for me. They’ve also paid for my brace which i’ve wanted all my life.

Since me and Kyle got back together they’ve hated me (obviously because they hate him and feel I’ve used them) but now it’s getting ridiculous. Because my stepdad went garuntore (or however you spell it)  for the house he says he won’t sign the next contract so we have to find somewhere else to live. They’re cancelling my insurance and taking my car back because they paid for it and i’ve not afforded to give it back yet. 

She makes me out to be the worst kid out of all three of us but my brother is much more selfish than I am, didn’t listen to them and got put in prison for 3 years, my other brother is beyond selfish and doesn’t talk to them unless he needs something but I’m much worse than that according to them.

She originally rang today to ask if i’d take Dante to hers then I said yes.. That’s when she then argued with me… After that she rang again to ask if I was still bringing him and I said no, I don’t want to see you or be near you after you’ve been like this.. Then she says I’m keeping him from her and shit when I’m not, I just don’t want to be near her until she calms the fuck down. 

My real dad has never really been in the equation so my stepdad took the role of him which i’ve always appreciated and loved. Because I did think of him as my dad until he told me to fuck off from his life and he doesn’t want to see me anymore. My mum told me to go down to theirs and apologise.. WHY? because he told me to fuck off? Yeah right >.>

Just because they have a problem with Kyle doesn’t mean they also need one with me. It’s beyond ridiculous now and I’m sick of her ringing me, I unplugged the phone and sent her calls to voicemail on my mobile.

Sorry for ranting tumblr, but this is how I get it out of my system and it makes me feel much better, and also gives me something to look at in the future.




Annoy the fuck out of me, because me and Kyle got back together my Mum has been real edgy with me and tells me she’s cancelling my car insurance all the time and won’t give me direct answers to anything I ask her. Also, Kye’s parents have also hated me since we got together… 4 years ago.. and his Dad even said to my best friend that “I wouldn’t spit on her grave if she died”..

That’s the nastiest thing anyone has ever said to me, and Kye’s parents wonder why Kyle doesn’t want to know them. Pah, imagine our wedding, our parents would be fighting and my day would be ruined.

I tuk a pichure of myself dis morning and I fink I luk reet serious lulz

I tuk a pichure of myself dis morning and I fink I luk reet serious lulz

My life..

Is going way too fast, isn’t there a way to slow it down? It’s actually mental, seems like yesterday that I was still in school dating Kye, now 4 years later we’re here. Dante is starting Nursery in September, what happened to being a baby? ;__;

Time flies too fast, I dislike it. I feel that when I’m really old with wrinkles and a million grandchildren I’ll just feel the same. 

I’m actually quite terrified…

Today reminded me of the day we left school except we left college meaning we were 2 years since that one day. When we left school it was much easier and reassuring that we had 2 more years of education thus being able to stay a teenager. Now we’ve left it feels like we all have to go on our different paths into life and I probably won’t see half of my friends again.. This sucks. What sucks even more is that i’m going to be left behind a year when I do eventually go back into education because I decided a gap year is the best thing for me.