Me with new fringe
Hey I make videos about games and stuff: http://youtube.com/yammyxox
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Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games, of all time, of ALL TIME! New vegas will never compare. Photobucket

Super Skyrim Bros Mod

Second episode of Let’s Play Octodad!

My new Let’s Play series is finally here… and it’s on Octodad.
An amazing indie game which I think everyone should try ^__^
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Episode 4 of my Minecraft Let’s Play Series.

Hey guys, just a quick n’rough Diablo III video that I thought i’d put up today, I aren’t feeling too well but I still thought I should bring this to you as the game is obviously out within 3 weeks time!

Hey guys so here is my new StarCraft video :)
I made it due to a high demand of people wanting me to play this epic game so much.

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So this is my first Minecraft let’s play! I know it’s pretty basic commentary but it is my first one ^_^ Please watch, like and subscribe if you can. My channel is doing pretty well at the moment so thanks to people like you i’ve been getting quite far with stuff like this. Once again, thanks!