Me with new fringe
Hey I make videos about games and stuff: http://youtube.com/yammyxox
Gamertag: yammy xox
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Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games, of all time, of ALL TIME! New vegas will never compare. Photobucket

New video, Warhammer: Space Marine commentary.

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I need 90 more views before I upload my newest video ^_^ so please help by clicking play!!

Hey guys, just another push to get some subscribers up in dis hood! Anyway, this video might of been seen floating around Tumblr but here it is again. It’s about the GAMERGURL and Girl Gamer debate! Enjoy! Next video I shall use the Gnasher to prove I can indeed play :P


Woo for the random tags ^_^

yo new video here, tackling the big ‘girl gamer’ debate!